Current Project Updates 8/26/20

Musical projects

There is only one more planned release for the year! Well, I lie. Two, sort of. A new song, “Blacklight”, is very nearly finished … and it’s a doozy! Right now, it features Cat Hall (Dissonance), Dan Milligan (The Joy Thieves), Sapphira Vee, and Chris Wilburn (Upon Eventual Collapse). There are some amazing collaborators in the pipeline for this, and I don’t want to jinx myself.

At least one version of this particular song will be released as a benefit, with all proceeds going to The Trevor Project. They provide a crisis helpline for LGBTQ youth – please click the link and read more.

The song will also be featured on an EP, tentatively named Isolierung (German for “isolation”), which will also include at least one remix of Divided States by the aforementioned Upon Eventual Collapse.

The Jack Alberson SongStory podcast

A pilot season of six “episodes” is being released. The first episode, a conversation with J.D. Reager about his song “I Can’t Decide”, is up now. Thursday (tomorrow as I’m writing this) will be a conversation with Alan Sparhawk of Low. Additional planned or recorded episodes will be with Robert Poss (Band of Susans), Ben Aviotti (Freeloader, ex-Dead Soldiers), and Josh Shaw (Blvck Hippie).


Updates to the JackIsBadAtGames channel are slow coming, right now. Returning to work and impending school plans have resulted in a reshuffling of time and priorities. I have started editing the remaining gameplay from the Adventures in Jibag story, and there will be more as soon as I can carve out an hour to play!


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