Current Project Updates 9/10/20

Musical projects

Honestly, I haven’t been working on a lot. I did release a new mix of the 2018 track “Over and Over”, for this latest Bandcamp Friday. Go snatch it up – it’s $2 and includes an instrumental version.

“Blacklight” is moving along. I can’t wait to give you more details about the “benefit version” but I’m keeping my mouth shut just a little while longer.

I will be a guest vocalist on the next album by melodywhore (if you recall, he contributed some awesome synths to the Kaleidoscope track “Monitors”). He’s kicked a track over to me and I’m living with it and seeing what shakes down.

The Jack Alberson SongStory podcast

Episode #3 just went up today – a great conversation with Ben Ricketts about his song “Daughter of the Gods”, but also about creating music in general. Tuesday I had a great chat with Matt Steinke (Satisfact, Mocket, Octant) about Satisfact and their song “First Incision”. Episode #4 will be with Robert Poss of NY noise rock legends Band of Susans.

Oh, and in case you missed it, here is the Alan Sparhawk (Low) episode.


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