Migraine Robot PR? Sapphira Vee?

Because I don’t already run in 80 different directions, I am happy to formally announce that I am assisting electronic music creator, collaborator, and friend Sapphira Vee with press and promotion. I first encountered Ms. Vee back in 2019 when I briefly tried and failed at a viable independent music station. While that didn’t pan out, a remix swap did (she remixed my track “Dark Passenger“, and I mashed up her songs “Anxiety” and “On Your Throne”).

You’ve already read about her here as one of the contributors to the Blindcopy project, but she has so many awesome things going on and I really wanted to see if I could help her reach more people. So we’ll see – so far so good!

She just put out a new single, for a song off her upcoming third album The Mask called “Greed”. Go give it a listen!



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