Independent Radio, take two

In the second half of 2019, I started a radio station to give my fellow independents another outlet for their talents and art. I had a wonderful person bankroll the thing, programmed weekly shows, and more. When it came time to finish Kaleidoscope, I put the idea on ice – it had never really taken off with an audience, and I found I didn’t have time to do both.

One day in December, I realized I missed it. A lot. So, with some trepidation but encouragement from an old friend, I decided to give it another shot and so Migraine Robot Radio was born. With the holidays, I haven’t had a ton of time to throw into it, but it’s on the air and great listening.

I’ll soon be adding season 1 of The Jack Alberson SongStory to the programming lineup, since this will allow me to also use the original songs (I’m sure you recall the flap I had with Anchor over this). That’ll be awesome.

Go have a listen to the radio station here.


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