Blindcopy’s “Blacklight” on Bandcamp NOW

Blindcopy, "Blacklight" cover graphic
cover graphic: Whitney Flaherty

The day has finally come, and “Blacklight” is now online in all its glory.


Jack Alberson: vocals, programming
Cat Hall (Dissonance): vocals
Carl Marsh (Shriekback): guitars, background vocals
Dan Milligan (The Joy Thieves): programming, guitars
Xanthe Mumm (Lipstick Stains): voicemail screams
J.D. Reager: synthesizer
Sapphira Vee: background vocals
Chris Wilburn (Collapse of Dawn): guitars

The single also features remixes from Ms. Vee, The Joy Thieves, ZJC, J.D. Reager (with special guest John Forbes), Arthhur, and a reimagined version by melodywhore with new vocals by Jack

All sales on Bandcamp from this single will go to The Trevor Project:

My life has been shaped and enhanced by so many people who happen to be LGBTQIA+, and I remember just how tough it was to feel different or out of place as an adolescent. I cannot imagine how much more challenging it it is for those who are not cishet. I wanted to find a way to give to The Trevor Project because it’s very important to support the generations to come, whoever they may be and however they feel inside. It can be tough to feel accepted, heard, and supported in a hate-filled world.ZJ

I am extremely thankful to those who found the inspiration, time, etc. to contribute to this release in some way. I am also grateful to those who supported the idea but were unable to contribute due to timing. To this end, I am considering this a ‘living single’. Additional remixes may be appended to the release in the weeks to come. I will notify all followers of updates via the Bandcamp message feature, so keep an eye out!


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