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Listen to Blindcopy on Spotify

In case you haven’t already found it, go have a listen to the latest single (“Permanent Collection” b/w “Hard Times”) on Spotify! Featuring fantastic performances by Chris Connelly, J.D. Reager, Ivan & Karen from Bellhead, Dan from The Joy Thieves, … Continue reading Listen to Blindcopy on Spotify

Blindcopy’s “Blacklight” on Bandcamp NOW

The day has finally come, and “Blacklight” is now online in all its glory. BLINDCOPY is Jack Alberson: vocals, programmingCat Hall (Dissonance): vocalsCarl Marsh (Shriekback): guitars, background vocalsDan Milligan (The Joy Thieves): programming, guitarsXanthe Mumm (Lipstick Stains): voicemail screamsJ.D. Reager: synthesizerSapphira Vee: background vocalsChris Wilburn (Collapse of Dawn): guitars The single also features remixes from Ms. Vee, The Joy Thieves, ZJC, J.D. Reager (with special guest John Forbes), Arthhur, and a reimagined version by melodywhore with new vocals by Jack All sales on Bandcamp from this single will go to The Trevor My life has been shaped and enhanced … Continue reading Blindcopy’s “Blacklight” on Bandcamp NOW

Independent Radio, take two

In the second half of 2019, I started a radio station to give my fellow independents another outlet for their talents and art. I had a wonderful person bankroll the thing, programmed weekly shows, and more. When it came time to finish Kaleidoscope, I put the idea on ice – it had never really taken off with an audience, and I found I didn’t have time to do both. One day in December, I realized I missed it. A lot. So, with some trepidation but encouragement from an old friend, I decided to give it another shot and so Migraine … Continue reading Independent Radio, take two

The FAC193 Interviews: Pearl Thompson

I had a webzine between the years 2000-2005 called FAC193 (the name was taken from the catalogue number of a New Order single). Looking back, it is insane to me that I interviewed some of the people I did, and I thought it was a good time to share these again. One of the most amazing is Pearl Thompson, best known as guitarist/keyboardist of The Cure. NOTE: In the years since our interview, Pearl has transitioned (you may know them better by their dead name Porl). In respect, I have changed the name and pronouns as needed. *me man in … Continue reading The FAC193 Interviews: Pearl Thompson

PLAYLIST: The Jack Alberson SongStory

Here’s a playlist of the artists I’ve had the pleasure of talking to on this first “pilot” season of my podcast. There’s two songs from each act here. I imagine as the series keeps going, so will the playlist so be sure and follow it! The new episode features an old friend and collaborator, Jason Pulley. If so inclined, you can click here and listen to it. Continue reading PLAYLIST: The Jack Alberson SongStory