A Lot of Backdating

Oh wow, being busy is actually great except when it comes to keeping everything up to date. There have been a lot of developments in MigraineRobotLand, and I owe you tons of posts. I’m going to be writing these up and linking them here, so watch this space. Basically, there are some awesome things afoot. Jack Continue reading A Lot of Backdating

PLAYLIST: The Jack Alberson SongStory

Here’s a playlist of the artists I’ve had the pleasure of talking to on this first “pilot” season of my podcast. There’s two songs from each act here. I imagine as the series keeps going, so will the playlist so be sure and follow it! The new episode features an old friend and collaborator, Jason Pulley. If so inclined, you can click here and listen to it. Continue reading PLAYLIST: The Jack Alberson SongStory

Current Project Updates 9/10/20

Musical projects Honestly, I haven’t been working on a lot. I did release a new mix of the 2018 track “Over and Over”, for this latest Bandcamp Friday. Go snatch it up – it’s $2 and includes an instrumental version. “Blacklight” is moving along. I can’t wait to give you more details about the “benefit version” but I’m keeping my mouth shut just a little while longer. I will be a guest vocalist on the next album by melodywhore (if you recall, he contributed some awesome synths to the Kaleidoscope track “Monitors”). He’s kicked a track over to me and … Continue reading Current Project Updates 9/10/20