Migraine Robot PR? Sapphira Vee?

Because I don’t already run in 80 different directions, I am happy to formally announce that I am assisting electronic music creator, collaborator, and friend Sapphira Vee with press and promotion. I first encountered Ms. Vee back in 2019 when … Continue reading Migraine Robot PR? Sapphira Vee?

The Potential No

In the wake of the podcast opportunity that I enjoyed with Alan, I’ve had some brief exchanges that basically stem around “how did you get [insert opportunity here]?” This comes up from time to time when I manage to do something unexpectedly cool, and I get why. Relatively speaking, I’m no one of outside interest. Not noteworthy, outside this circle of gracious and kind people that I know. I’m not putting myself down with that. I’m coming from a place of active humility. I don’t have this expectation of the world at large to see me as A Big Deal. … Continue reading The Potential No

Current Project Updates 8/26/20

Musical projects There is only one more planned release for the year! Well, I lie. Two, sort of. A new song, “Blacklight”, is very nearly finished … and it’s a doozy! Right now, it features Cat Hall (Dissonance), Dan Milligan (The Joy Thieves), Sapphira Vee, and Chris Wilburn (Upon Eventual Collapse). There are some amazing collaborators in the pipeline for this, and I don’t want to jinx myself. At least one version of this particular song will be released as a benefit, with all proceeds going to The Trevor Project. They provide a crisis helpline for LGBTQ youth – please … Continue reading Current Project Updates 8/26/20