Intimate Objects (2013)

Mostly written and recorded in nine days. Features early versions of “Near Misses”, “Brakes”, and “A Team of Bumblebees”.

Confidence (2015)

A collection of tracks that were written with various live bands from 2011-2014, as well as a couple new ideas.

TRIALS (2018)

A mishmash of styles colliding together – electronic music, rock, drone guitar, and more. Includes collaborations with J.D. Reager, Robert Poss (Band of Susans) and more.

Kaleidoscope (2020)

A continuation (or perhaps refinement) of the musical themes that started in TRIALS. Lots of collaborations.

Peer (2020)

My first compilation. Peer collects the Kaleidoscope-related singles and EPs on Bandcamp for other streaming services.